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After Design and printing services your future Model should be prepared for the casting Procedures, Casting is a process whereby molten metal is poured into mould and cooled to create an object. The process of casting involves a number of key steps and is a daily process within our fully operational precious metal casting laboratory. Our Company offers High quality casting and Rubber making Services for our Permanent Clients who are closely cooperating with us within other services provided by our Company.

We will discuss all your requirements whether it be a re-run or a brand new master pattern. After casting Process, we will pack gently and prepare your model for the safe Delivery. All Models will be prepared for the Delivery after your final agreement, The Models which will have defects or not smooth surfaces will be reprinted and recasted again!

Before starting casting Process, we work closely with our wax room to ensure all your special requirements are understood, Precious metal types, prices, colors and other information provided by the customer on an electronic way!

After casting procedures Rubber Moulding Service can be provide also by the customer preferences.

For more Information about casting and Rubber making Services please contact info@3djuvelyrika.lt.


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