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Well-Done Jewelry Rendering is one of the most important parts of the jewelry business. A well-done jewelry rendering can help you improve your sales by providing customers with the best view and imagination of the future model. Simply send us your files and, within a very short time, you will have top-quality 3D renders returned.

When Imagination Becomes Reality

Each project begins with an idea. With us, you can make your dreams come true. Tell us about your idea and we will turn it into a real work of art by creating a sketch of your vision on a piece of paper.
The second important step is the 3D modeling process. After making a sketch of your model, it is time to transform the sketch into a 3D-dimensional pattern. After sharing the render with you and getting your final agreement, we can go to the third stage of the production.
In the third stage, technology plays the most important role. After creating the 3D model of your imagination, it is time to let technology do its job. In the third stage, we will print the wax model from your 3D model by bringing the visual 3D model into a real wax pattern, which will become your unique piece of art in the future.
After printing and already having the wax model, we should cast it into gold or other precise metals using special skills and professionalism for the highest accuracy and safest molding. The wax material that we are using allows us to create the perfect patterns for ready-made gold models.
After the casting process, it is time for the masters to make the latest final procedures, which will bring the final view of your fantasy model. In the final stage of the process, we are putting stones in, making corrections, polishing, and preparing the model to give to its customer.
After all the procedures, you can finally have your ready model, which will give you a positive mood and the real sense of satisfaction of holding the original model of your imagination in your hands.

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Unique Designs Created

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Partners in Europe

With our new service you can create your own Individual design. Choose your Model, Or explain your Fantasy and Our Masters will create the sketch and 3D model of your vision, after your final agreement You can get a unique product of Your Own Exclusive Design, That will give you positive mood and real sense of satisfaction.

We are making finest Jewelry by your private order!

WHY Choose us?

Punctuality and Responsibility

These two main factors take priority when working with our clients—whether it’s a quick question, email, or phone call—we are always here for you. Our team quickly reacts to clients’ orders, providing them with fully satisfied information.

Your Models are always saved and secured

Your jewelry design ideas, sketches, or 3D models are always secure and safe with 3D Jewelry Studio. We keep your models safe and guarantee the privacy of your patterns. If you want to feel more confident, we can sign a contract of privacy, which will make you feel safer.

Save your time with us

Our professional designers and jewelers will help you avoid making unnecessary steps during your design process and paying extra charges for things and services you don’t need. We will guide you through the whole process of creating your line or model, from computer-aided design to ready-to-wear model.

Start your model without having experience

You can start making jewelry with us at any stage and without experience. We get your jewelry design ready for production at any stage, regardless of your knowledge or experience with jewelry making and designing. We are even working with people who are just starting the first steps towards a jewelry making business, guiding and teaching them during the whole process of production, from design to final ready model.

We offer a flexible discount scheme for our long-standing and major clients.

We are always making huge discounts for our long-standing clients. We can sign a cooperation contract and give you a 20% discount on your next orders if you order 3-5 models per month on a regular basis.

Order Now Pay Later

Our New Program for Our permanent client is very efficient when paying for the job after selling the model or collection. We can sign a contract of cooperation in which will be written the process of payment and other terms of cooperation. This program works only within Lithuania and only with licensed or registered companies that have a permanent working place in Lithuania.


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