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3D Modelling"

  • 3D Jewelry Design
  • 3D CAD Modelling
  • 3D Relief Design
  • Jewelry Rendering

3D Print"

  • Key step in the process
  • SOLIDSCAPE High-precision 3D Printers
  • High quality wax patterns
  • Wax material is perfectly castable

Relief Design"

  • Haut Relief Design
  • Bas-relief Design
  • Wax pattern or Gold Model
  • Bas-relief design can be a pendant, ring or coin


After Design and printing services your future Model should be prepared for the casting Procedures, Casting is a process whereby molten metal is poured into mould and cooled to create an object

Private Clients"

With our new service You can create Your own individual design. Choose your Model, Or explain your Fantasy and Our Masters will create the sketch and 3D model of your vision

Jewellery Catalogue"

  • For Women
  • For Men
  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Rings

When Imagination Becomes Reality

3D Modeling
3D Printing
Final Proceeding
Ready Model

How to start

3D Modeling

3D Jewelry Design studio is a company which provides high Professional services for Jewelers and Private clients as well. We are the first opened company in Kaunas which is professionally engaged in jewelry making industry By using 3D technology and Computer aided design in its Production.

3D jewelry Design

With the 3D jewelry studio you can Express your Idea and show your fantasy and we will help you to create a Real pattern of your vision. Our creative team of jewelers and designers will help you get started with your designs and ideas, First creating the sketch of your pattern on the paper after turning it into 3D computer-aided design. We will create a single piece of jewelry, or develop a new Line for your future model. In order to start a custom jewelry design, do not hesitate writing us or give us a call and our Jewelers will give you a full assistance.

3D CAD Modelling

Creation of the professional jewelry 3D model is the main important part towards transforming your concept into reality. Our talented jewelry CAD designers and Jewelers will help you to bring your project into reality. Our jewelry CAD designers are working with Professional and experienced Jewelers, Exactly this cooperation helps us creating your own personalized 3D jewelry models with the highest Precision and accuracy. All you have to do is to send the jewelry sketches to our jewelry CAD designer or just describe the concept in details.

3D Relief Design

Making a Precise and accurate Haut Relief or Bas-relief Design is the most difficult part in 3D Modeling Process. Our 3D CAD Masters can help you to bring your fantasy into Reality by creating a unique three-dimensional effect of your model. The bas-relief design can be a pendant, ring or coin, you can give us your Idea or photo of your lovely person and our creative 3D Masters and Jewelers will turn your image or fantasy into a Real piece of art. We can Create Haut relief or Bas-relief 3D Model, make a wax pattern or Gold Model concerning to your preferences. If you have a fantasy or photo and want to have a pendant or coin either Ring with the Bas relief of your Imagination, The only thing you need to do, is to fill the contact form.

Jewelry rendering

Jewelry Rendering is One of the most important part in the Jewelry business, well Done Jewelry rendering can help you to improve your sells by Providing to customer the Best view and Imagination about the future Model. Simply send us your files and within a very short time you will have top quality 3D Renders returned.

When computer aided design and technology make perfection

3D Printing

With the development of high technology, a key step in the jewelry production process is 3D Printing.

3D Printing

The 3D Jewelry Design studio Provides 3D printing Service for Jewelers and small business enterprises. We are using high-precision 3D Printers SOLIDSCAPE for the creation of high quality wax patterns for your future Jewelry models. 3D Printing technology reduces the costs and time necessary for the same model to be done by the hand, Providing High Precision and accuracy. The Wax material which we are using is perfectly castable, after printing you can cast the wax pattern at once without making the rubber which will Reduce the quality of your future model. Now, you do not need to spend much time on making the wax model, instead you can think of creating some Jewelry unique collection for your future business. The only thing you have to do is to contact us. Save your time and let Technology do your Job.

3d jewelry model wax 3d jewelry design model
100% consistent castability
3d jewelry model wax 3d jewelry design model

Create your own jewelry

With our new service you can create your own Individual design.

Choose your Model, Or explain your Fantasy and Our Masters will create the sketch and 3D model of your vision, after your final agreement You can get a unique product of Your Own Exclusive Design, That will give you positive mood and real sense of satisfaction.

We are making finest Jewelry by your private order!

The 3D Jewelry design Studio combining Professionalism, talent, long term Experience and High Precision Technology offering the finest jewelry creation Service. Our production quality is guaranteed by the latest Technology and new Material used in our Production, Our Priority in the market is the Quality and Low price exactly this fact is valued and acknowledged by our customers. We are making Jewelry of any complexity by your private order Using photos or sketches provided by the customer.

If you have a Idea or want to create some unique Jewelry masterpiece …. Our Professional Jeweler with the Long years Experience can make the sketch of your Private Model on the paper and after transforming your Idea into 3D Dimensional Pattern which allows you to feel the Model on your hands before getting the Final jewelry.

Our Aim is to offer modern designs of luxurious jewelry, ensure fast product, manufacturing and delivering according to customer preferences.


WHY Choose us?

Punctuality and Responsibility

These two main factors take priority when working with our clients – whether it’s a quick question, email or phone call; we are always here for you. Our team quickly reacts to client’s orders providing them with the fully satisfied information.

Your Models are always saved and secured

Your jewelry design ideas, sketches or 3D models are always secure and safe with 3D Jewelry Studio. We keep your Models in safe and guarantee the privacy of your patterns if you need to be more confidential we can sign contract of privacy, which will make you to feel safer.

Save your time with us

Our professional Designers and Jewelers will help you avoid making unnecessary steps during your design process and paying extra charges for things and services you don’t need, we will guide you during the whole process of creating your line or model, from computer aided Design to ready wax model.

Start your model without having experience

You can start making jewelry with us at any stage and without experience. We get your jewelry design ready for production at any stage, regardless of your knowledge or experience with jewelry making and designing. We are even working with the People who are just starting the first steps towards jewelry making business and guiding and teaching them during the whole Process of production, from Design to Final ready Model.

Flexible discount scheme for our Long standing and big clients

We are always making huge Discounts for our long standing clients, when ordering regularly from 3-5 Models per month, we can sign a contract of cooperation and make till 20 % Discount for each your next order.

Order Now Pay Later

Our New Program for Our permanent client’s is very efficient when paying for the job after selling the Model or collection. We can sign a contract of cooperation, where will be written the process of payment and other terms of cooperation. This program Works only within Lithuania and only with the licensed or registered companies who has permanent working Place in Lithuania.


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3D models accomplished


Wax Patterns being printed


Partners in Europe

Impossible is possible

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